Takeda Ireland Pharmaceuticals, Grange Castle, Dublin, Ireland

Takeda Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd a global, research and development-driven pharmaceutical company committed to bringing better health and a brighter future to patients by translating science into life-changing medicines. Located at the high technology Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Business Park at Grange Castle in Dublin, Takeda Ireland - Grange Castle has been producing high quality medicines since 2007 and is a modern, automated multi-purpose facility with a high focus on quality and safety.

Takeda Ireland are also very passionate about energy saving. This is evident when walking around the building as signs are displayed throughout the building urging staff and visitors to save energy were possible.

Conor Brannelly, ROBUS Project Engineer met with Paul O’Brien, Maintenance Engineer and Energy Team Lead in Takeda Ireland (Grange Castle) to highlight the high quantity of Triple E products available from ROBUS.

Paul initially installed just a few ROBUS products in the premises to make sure they suited their needs. He was so happy with how the ROBUS fittings looked and the positive impact they made in comparison to their old fittings, that he decided to replace all the light fittings in the premises with ROBUS products.

By choosing Triple E registered products from ROBUS, this means Takeda Ireland (Grange Castle) meet criteria to avail of existing energy saving government grants and carbon refund initiatives.

Over 550 ROBUS energy efficient fittings were installed throughout Takeda Ireland (Grange Castle). This contemporary building consists of multiple meeting rooms, a boardroom, offices, store rooms, a workshop, plant rooms, labs, bathrooms, stairways and a large canteen. The ROBUS fittings installed in these areas were; VIBE LED Strip Lights, INSPIRE Activate LED Downlights (Standard and Emergency), ETERNITY 18W LED Downlights, ATMOS LED Panels, VULCAN LED Corrosion Proof, SONIC LED High Bays, BLADE Emergency Signs, Emergency Exit Boxes, HELM Hand Dryers, ROBUS Internal UNIVERSAL 360° PIR Presence detectors and DIAMOND LED Lamps.

Office, Boardroom and Meeting Room Lighting

ROBUS ATMOS LED Panels were installed in each office space, multiple meetings rooms and the main boardroom. The ATMOS panels were a cost-effective fitting choice that allowed Takeda Ireland, Grange Castle to light multiple spaces within their building. The panels fit standard ceiling grids of 15mm-24mm and have a 50,000-hour life span meaning they last up to 5 times longer than traditional fluorescents.

Hallways and stairwells

ROBUS VIBE LED Strip lights were installed outside the canteen in the main corridor. They create a contemporary feature on the ceiling while also providing a powerful light source. The ROBUS VIBE LED strip lights can be customized to suit a multitude of locations.

Both standard and emergency converted ROBUS INSPIRE Activate LED Downlights were installed in all hallways, stairs and landings in Takeda Ireland, Grange Castle. The ROBUS INSPIRE Activate are a neat and attractive fitting. They were used as all hallways in the building are of varying widths, the INSPIRE Activate suited both the narrowest and the widest which meant using them maintained consistency throughout the building. The ROBUS INSPIRE Activate also utilises ROBUS Activate Driver on Board technology. This technology makes the fitting very efficient and significantly more reliable than separate, or drivers “integrated” into the fitting or heat sink.

ROBUS VULCAN LEDs were installed in the stairwells. The VULCAN gives out incredible light in large areas like these with high or low ceilings allowing staff to move easily from the workshop to the store room upstairs without the risk of dark spots.

Storage and Workshop Lighting

The storage and workshop areas were fitted with ROBUS VULCAN LEDs and SONIC LED High bays suspended from the ceilings.

ROBUS VULCAN LED Corrosion Proof fittings were suspended throughout the storage room and workshops to direct light onto work areas and stock. This focused light makes it easier for staff to work more efficiently and easier for them to find what they are looking for. The ROBUS VULCAN LED has a frosted diffuser which provides excellent light spread and uniformity with less glare. They also have a higher photometric performance than traditional LED tubes, low glare and 50,000-hour average lamp life.

The ROBUS SONIC LED High Bay is designed to replace traditional metal halides of up to 400W! These fittings were chosen for use on the double height ceiling over the workshops shutter door. The ROBUS SONIC LED High Bay is constructed from durable materials and comes with wire guard accessories for extra protection against potential damage. It also powers on instantly with no warm up time ensuring safety.

Canteen, Skylight and Catering Lighting

ETERNITY 18W LED Downlights and VIBE LED Strip lights were installed throughout the canteen. The downlights were used around the edges of the canteen ceilings and the strip lights used in cove lighting.

The ROBUS ETERNITY is ideal for commercial dining areas with its wide ambient operating temperature range of -20°C to +40°C. It can be easily switched by PIR, Microwave or Photocell sensors to save energy when the room is not in use.

The VIBE Strip lights compliment the ETERNITYs whilst making a feature out of the stunning skylight in the canteen.

Bathroom Lighting and Hand Dryers

ROBUS INSPIRE Activate LED Downlights and HELM Hand Dryers were installed in every bathroom in the building. These were chosen as they are a fantastic, energy efficient replacement for the previous fittings.

The INSPIRE uses state of the art SMD LED technology which provides energy savings of more than 55%! This fitting is the perfect bathroom lighting solution as it can be switched by PIR resulting in additional energy and maintenance savings.

The ROBUS HELM is a stylish, modern hand dryer designed to suit most commercial bathroom interiors. The HELM provides a concentrated volume of warm air whilst using minimum power.

Emergency Boxes and Signs

ROBUS Emergency Boxes were placed over each of the main doors in every hallway throughout the building. ROBUS BLADE Suspended Emergency Signs were hung over the fire exit doors leading from the main building to the external designated emergency points. By installing these essential products throughout the building, Takeda Ireland (Grange Castle) can rest assured that all areas are well lit in the event of an emergency.

Lighting Controls

ROBUS Internal UNIVERSAL 360° PIR Presence detectors were installed throughout the entire building making sure energy was saved wherever possible as they enable light fittings to turn on and off only when there is a presence in the area. The UNIVERSAL 360° passive infra-red switches the light on when it detects movement of heat. Lighting is then switched off when the area is vacated to minimize unwanted triggering and thus saving energy.

LED Lamp Replacements for Bathrooms and Stairwell Skylight.

ROBUS DIAMOND LED GU10 Lamps replaced old inefficient lamps in the bathrooms and stairway sky light in the building ensuring Takeda Ireland (Grange Castle) is energy efficient from top to bottom! DIAMOND LED Lamps provide a quick and easy energy saving solution lamp swap without a full LED solution fit-out.

Energy Savings

Takeda Ireland (Grange Castle) can expect energy savings of a whopping €18,638 over a payback period of just 2.7 years from making the smart change from traditional lighting to ROBUS energy efficient lighting.

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