Showcasing With the Best Light Possible | FIAT Scala, Nort, France

Total Savings


Payback Period

1 Year


Savings based on operational costs supplied at time of installation.

YESSS Electricals client FIAT Scala Niort revamped their premises in France by extending and adding a brand-new showroom. As the ceiling in the new showroom is very high and they wanted to make sure each car was showcased in the best light possible, they chose the ROBUS Morph 50W and Wilson 35W for the room.

The Morph LED CCT3 selectable lets the customer switch the colour temperature and is also dimmable, which helps to create the right ambience for their showroom. The Wilson has an adjustable tilt of 60° and swivel of 350° which allows the customer to focus light on each car model, highlighting their stunning features and finishes. They are delighted with the results.

By choosing these particular ROBUS fittings, FIAT Scala Niort can expect energy savings of up to €10,000 over a 5-year period, working out at up to €2,000 per annum. All calculations are based on 12-hour day use, 6 days a week and 51 weeks out of the year. A staggering difference in energy consumption, maintenance and cost.

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