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Dublin City University strive for a sustainable campus. They are a registered participant of the national Green Campus programme, run by An Taisce and The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). DCU consistently demonstrate on campus innovative schemes to embed sustainable solutions that will result in financial savings while also reducing their carbon footprint.

A major aspect of being a Green Campus involves an adoption of sustainable practices in the area of energy consumption. They are focused on energy efficiency. ROBUS continually invest in the creation and development of practical low energy lighting solutions. Therefore, ROBUS LED lights were an ideal option for DCU as they are highly energy-saving.


DCU wanted a retrofit for their auditorium. They needed to replace the old PLs double light fittings as they were dark, unsustainable, and expensive and they wanted a more sustainable, energy saving lighting solution. Edmundson Glasnevin and FMC worked with ROBUS Area Sales Manager, Emma Carter on this retrofit to replace all the old light fittings with ROBUS LED MORPH Downlights.

The ROBUS LED MORPH Downlights were chosen because their aesthetic matched the look and feel of the auditorium, giving it a professional and elegant interior. DCU needed the option to dim the light fittings as the auditorium is used for lectures with power point presentations, videos etc. The Auditorium is also fitted with a DALI Command Centre for the fittings which controls the lighting. The standard ROBUS LED MORPH Downlight is not dimmable and so the ROBUS Customised Conversions department worked on this project to enhance its functionality. The Conversions department produced 97 Dali Dimmable MORPH downlights for the Auditorium. They also converted 10 of the Dali Dimmable MORPHs to be emergency fittings. Converted units connected to a DALI bus were immediately visible to the DALI command centre in the auditorium and it now has the options for 8 different lighting scene settings. All works carried out on site were 100% tested.

The new fit out has given the auditorium a modern update and the light fittings are also more energy efficient and sustainable than the previous ones. There has been good feedback so far from both lecturers and students in DCU about the auditorium lights. They have commented on the improvements in the brightness and lighting quality.

Sports Arena

DCU also renovated their Sports Arena. They wanted very bright, energy efficient light fittings that would sufficiently light all areas within the Arena. The DCU Sports Arena holds a variety of important sporting events, such as Karate tournaments, basketball games, and badminton tournaments, where perfect lighting is required.

There are 36 ROBUS SONIC HIGHBAYS installed in the Sports Arena. The ROBUS SONIC HIGHBAYS are strong and durable with high impact rating and not easily damaged if knocked by sports equipment. The ROBUS SONIC LED Highbays can be switched by PIR element so they only turn on when the Sports Arena is in use. This ensures high energy saving costs because light fittings are not left switched on.

There has been great feedback in DCU about the lighting in the Sports Arena since the switch to ROBUS LED Fittings.

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